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Causes of Speaker Leaves Wild Movement

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For fans of the sound system, someone will ask why the speaker leaves are moving wildly, but the bass sound produced is not good or doesn’t feel at all booming bass, this is often a question and curious for the sound system lovers, especially for beginners who are still very layman and do not understand very well about the components of the sound system.

Speaker leaves move very wildly when they are rung using power amplifiers, there are several reasons for the occurrence of speaker leaves moving wild or moving irregularly which results in sound defects, heat in the voice coil, torn leaves and the most fatal can result in burns on the speaker spool.

The speaker from the speaker leaves wildly

1. Power amplifier
Power amplifiers are the main cause of wild speaker leaf movements when the music is running, less power amplifiers at watts result in outgoing speakers mixed with DCs, small watts of power amplifiers when forced to make maximum noise often have blemishes and broken sounds break out and currents go out DC to the speaker which causes the speaker to move wildly and can make the voice coil burn.

2. Speaker Box
The speaker box is also one of the causes of wild movements on the speaker leaf, the speaker box design is not in accordance with the speaker and the design is not appropriate. Like the volume box is too large or too small where the sound should be good but still forced to work more , and it is common in indor speaker boxes used for outdoor.

3. Over Frequency
Over on the frequency of audio to power is also a problem of over movement of the speaker, Bostingan on the equalizer or excessive acc can make a hoarse voice, even excessive overload defects, sometimes many acc users use it not by the rules, but use important rules that are pleasant / sound without thinking about the frequency that should not be bosting but bosting more than 3db, and that we often see.

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