Size And Schematic Cbs Diamond Box 15 Inch Outdoor Sound System

Size And Schematic Cbs Diamond Box 15 Inch Outdoor Sound System

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Size And Schematic Cbs Diamond Box 15 Inch Outdoor Sound System

CBS diamond 15 “speaker box scheme

CBS is a speaker box created by Agung Mbantul which is quite viral and quite good according to some sound system lovers in Indonesia, there are many Cbs models and one of them which is quite viral is the CBS Trilogy Box.

CBS trilogy is well-liked and made by hobbyist sound system in Indonesia, where CBS trilogy is often used for parades and contests and has a viral when tested and for CBS trilogy, it is also quite good and easy to create into various image models.

Then after the virus appeared again the latest CBS box model, CBS diamond, this box scheme is still relatively new but has been used quite a lot by Indonesian CBS enthusiasts, the character of CBS diamond itself is low sub and very well suited for 1300-2000 watt speakers.

I wonder what makes this diamond cbs box scheme called diamond, maybe because it looks like a diamond hehe. keep monitoring audio fig so you don’t miss out on the latest speaker box info and updates.

The scheme that I share is the CBS diamond box scheme for 15 “speakers, and is suitable for supporting low mid freq, for the 18 cbs diamond box scheme” click here Cbs Diamond 18 box scheme “

Download Schematic Everything here:

Download here

Alternative downloads

ARA Audio

In order to get the most out of low and flaky sub, use speakers with a minimum wattage of 1300 watts.

Article source : Ara Audio

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